How To Make Your Butt Bigger

Here's what most people will never know about shaping a SEXY butt: Learning how to make your butt bigger is a matter of controlling your body shape, fat percentage and muscle size.

Simple, right? 


There are many factors involved and many methods that could take you in the wrong direction. For instance, eating junk food has been widely known to get your a bigger butt. However, if you're inclined to have the type of body shape that tends to stope fat elsewhere before your butt (for many people this can be their stomach, their arms, their face, etc) your butt won't see any benefit and you might end up with a bloated belly or face.

You need to go about this correctly. Start with this first tip:


Most people are doing their squats wrong. For many years I did them wrong myself, wondering why it wasn't making my butt grow!

You can tell you're doing them wrong if you feel burning in your thighs and nothing in your butt.

To feel the burn in your butt muscles, purposefully lean back when doing squats. Do this by focusing on smashing your heels into the ground (lift your toes up slightly if it helps) as you both lower yourself down and raise yourself back up. Try it right now - I guarantee it'll feel different than any other squat you've done before in your life. I know because I used to do them wrong too! This is the correct way, and it targets your butt muscles, pushing the weight back and forcing your booty to do the hard work.

I have a lot more secrets like this that can make the difference between a flat butt and a fat butt!

Here's what the correct booty building techniques can achieve:

butt is too small  bigger butt

My system will teach you:

My little known secret to using a $4 tool to shift body fat from places like your belly, back and thighs, straight to your butt
An exercise for the super lazy to still get their butt muscles growing, even if they refuse to work out
How to grow the maximum size butt muscles you can, even if you've tried exercising your booty before and found that nothing worked for you. If you have this problem you may have lazy gluteus maximus muscles - I know a few techniques that force even the laziest of muscles to wake up and get growing
How to lower the chemicals in your body that you're probably not even aware of, that lead to square or straight type body shapes. Getting rid of these chemicals means you can have a chance at that coke bottle figure you were meant to have
My secret 4-part butt building technique that took my butt from sad and saggy to round and voluptuous. It's simple and works QUICK!
A super secret technique I took from plastic surgeons to shrink belly fat (this makes your butt look bigger in comparison)
  The secret to timing your intake of butt growing supplements so that your body can actually use them to grow a bigger butt. No more blindly taking supplements and just hoping it'll work. I'll reveal which supplements actually work, why you want to use them, and at what times you need to take them if you want to see increases in your butt size.
  My (tasty) weight gaining secret if you're skinny girl that wants to be thicker
  The simple steps to losing extra weight if you have enough thickness but want to lose some fat from your midsection without giving up your ass
  A simple test that will allow you to tailor your butt growth routine to match your body type perfectly and exactly how you should deal with the results you get
  How to use a substance health nuts are crazy about in just the right amounts to give you a more feminine shaped butt. Take too much or too little, and nothing will happen, but if you get the dosage just right, your ass will look so hot you'll want to run around showing off your cakes like Kim Kardashian AND you'll boost your health at the same time
  What destructive foods you probably eat all the time and don't think twice about, that basically instruct fat to navigate to your belly. Start eating less of these belly fat encouraging foods, and that fat is free to go to your butt instead.
  The shocking truth about how certain exercise techniques can actually shrink your butt, and how so many people are doing it, thinking it's going to help their butt get bigger. Little do they know, the wrong technique will break the composition of their butt down, leaving their butt even smaller than they started with. You need to know this information so you don't end up hurting your chances of maximum butt growth like them.
  A special type of drink that you're already familiar with, taken in the correct amounts can reshape your body to have more of a bubble booty & possibly even more to fill out your bra too
  The quicky technique to keep your waist tiny while growing your booty to maximum size


I of course, stand by my word. If for any reason you want a refund, I'll go ahead and give it to you as long as you request the refund within 60 days of purchase.

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And of course, here is what your booty could look like in a month or two:


how to make your butt bigger

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Get instantly plump and pouty lips to go along with your new ass! We all know that full healthy lips can make anyone look like a bombshell. Use these secrets that involve just a little bit of mixing super potent ingredients, to look even hotter! This is done using ingredients you probably already have in your own kitchen, and is just as effective (well, it's probably more effective, if we're being honest) than those $40+ lip plumping glosses you see in makeup stores.

How To Immediately Add An Extra Inch To Your Booty TONIGHT!

A temporary quick fix for those events where you just need to look hot. Plump your booty for roughly 12 hours by causing swelling in a way that will actually contribute to you building a permanently larger butt. Discover what steps to take (and the order to take them in - this is probably the most important aspect) to get that sexy "swollen" look, so you can look hot on demand!


Online Support & Coaching For 6 Months

With any other technique you might try to enlarge your booty, you'd need at least 6 months to see the kind of results I can show you how to achieve in a matter of weeks!

But I'm going to go ahead and offer you a full 6 months of support and coaching anyway, just in case you have any questions, concerns, or a special situation you need more complete guidance through. Go ahead and pick my brain - the brain of one of the top booty builders you'll ever meet!

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Remember, you don't have to resort to stuffing yourself with fast food, dangerous butt injections or covering up with embarassing padded panties. It takes bulk muscle building, hormone balance and fat manipulation to build a big, round butt while keeping the rest of your body slim and smooth.

Are you ready to be hotter than you've ever been before?

before bigger butt secrets    after bigger butt secrets

real results

I knew my booty was getting bigger but didn't realize just how much bigger it was getting until I tried on my leggings today. Wow! It was OUT THERE, I tell you! Thank you so much

- Cicily

I've done the exercises twice so far and am awaiting the supplements. My butt muscles are burning! I can tell my butt has never had a workout quite like this before, I'm so looking forward to the results.

- Jasmin

I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I used to be so flat and it was really embarassing. My two best friends have really nice, big round butts and I felt weird walking along side them, knowing that they guys behind us were only looking at theirs and probably laughing at mine. After following your routine I've grown an inch already. I'm going to keep going. Want to make it as big as possible. Thank you thank you thank you!

- Shawna

Aw yeah! I can feel that it's rounder and firmer now. My favorite jeans are getting a little tight in the butt area. Now I have to buy new jeans!

- Zariah

I can't believe this is actually working. I've tried a lot of stuff (womens beauty bible, dime curves, bbb pills, advice from trainers at the gym, maca, etc) and this is the first time my butt is actully responding. I think it's due to the system being a complete one - so many other so called solutions and advice from people are plainly put, incomplete. With your plan it seems that each step you gives feeds off of and also contributes to another step you gave. Definitely helps to see the whole picture.

Thank you for your help. I'm so excited my butt is finally responding.

- Tiana

how to get a bigger butt fast


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