Eat Cornbread For A Bigger Butt


If you look around for information about growing a bigger butt, you'll likely notice that everyone reccommends either exercise or fattening foods.  The most popular advice given
is "eat cornbread and/or do squats."

While this might work for a few people, it simple doesn't work for most.  There's more to building a round curvy butt than gaining weight or gaining butt muscle.  

However, for this issue I'm going to focus on the cornbread myth.  Here's why eating cornbread doesn't work for most people:

If you have an unsatisfactory butt, chances are your body doesn't want to store any gained weight in the butt area.  It's probably more prone to collect around your stomach or upper body. This is an unfortunate truth about many people. Just because we want a big butt doesn't mean that's what our body is just going to give us!

You have to change the way your body stores fat if you want gained weight to go to your bottom instead of your middle. 

I used to think this was impossible, but one day I stumbled upon the answer (and it's kind of a weird one). If you want to learn more about it, do yourself a big favor and check out the Bigger Butt Secrets system as it's been proven effective and works quickly.