butt pillsButt Pills - My Undercover Investigation

Maybe you've noticed the butt ton (pun intended) of butt pills popping up on the market. They often post pictures of models weighing about 100 lbs with butt implants to trick you into thinking that you'll look like the girls on their website. Yeah, right...

Before you fall for that BS, ask yourself why they hit you up with pictures of models right away, instead of real user pictures... Hmmm...

You see, I hate to see women fall for this kind of stuff. It's sad because when you buy butt pills off the internet, there is usually some kind of fine print that they hide at the bottom stating that they are going to send you the butt pills every month until you cancel your "subscription". And believe me, you're going to want to cancel your subscription because pills that are supplement combos like butt growth pills tend to be, are very weak and contain super tiny amounts of herbs that haven't been proven effective.

From what I've heard all over the internet, canceling your subscription to automatically shipped and billed pills is more of a hassle than learning to fly an airplane. This isn't limited to the "butt growing" crowd - they also pull this scam quite often on people trying to lose weight.

And the automatic charges aren't even the worst of it. I wouldn't be so mad about it if their formulas actually worked.

My Undercover Investigation

I scoured the internet for butt growth pills and asked my friends about any brands they might know about. I contacted these companies, each time pretending to be a skinny girl that was desperate for a bigger butt.

Here's what I wanted to find out from them:

1. What ingredients were in their butt growth pills

2. How many mg of each ingredient were in their butt growth pills

3. Why each ingredient was chosen 

Like I said, I contacted all the companies I could find. They all ended up giving really generic sounding answers that made me think they weren't even reading my questions - just copying and pasting stupid responses.

I had to write back several times to 3 of them just to get an ingredients list. I read every ingredient and unfortunately, couldn't find a single company that listed how much of each ingredient was in their pills. So, I had to email these companies yet again, because none of them gave me a direct answer to that question even though I had already asked it.

I did end up getting some responses back, but they all basically said what I was hoping I wouldn't have to hear. "It's a proprietary blend of ingredients". That's too bad because most of their blends have less than 1000 mg of BLEND per serving. I know from experience that most of the herbs need to be taken by consuming over 1000 mg of HERB.

What this basically means is that they are not giving you the full amount of herbs - and it can't work if you are taking those teeny tiny amounts.

I also asked them why each ingredient was chosen and none of the companies could be bothered to come up with a good answer. Talk about lazy. They all said something to the effect of "The ingredients were chosen because they cause your butt size to increase." Wow... Impressive - NOT!

Most companies are charging about $40 for a month's supply, but I seen one of the ugliest websites I've ever seen charging $199 for a month's supply. CRAZY!

Do yourself a favor and check out your local health food store or Amazon.com. You can buy the damn ingredients yourself if you want to for waaaaay cheaper, and they'll actually be strong enough to have an effect in your body!

Butt Growing Pills Are Cheap & Weak

Now, you get to see my findings. Let's take a look at what butt pills are made out of. The exact formula varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but basically they consist of herbs and supplements like:

1. Maca (maca can help with your butt but if you're not taking the correct actions and the correct amounts at the correct times of the month - which these butt growth pill sellers know nothing about - then nothing is going to happen to your booty)

2. Dong Quai (dong quai is used for butt and breast growth by people who DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY'RE DOING! Dong quai is useless for body reshaping - fugheddaboutit!)

3. Saw Palmetto (this is not something you want to take everyday because it will mess up your sleep, give you bad dreams and leave you with cellulite. But do the butt growth sellers care? Nope)

4. Fenugreek (fenugreek does almost nothing for the butt, but I understand why the butt pill sellers think it will work. Fenugreek slightly balances the hormones a woman, but unfortunately doesn't mean that balance will put pounds on your booty - you need the right hormone levels, not just slightly balanced female hormones)

5. Soy extract (although there's a lot of talk about asians eating a high soy diet and being less curvy than most other women, soy can actually help quite a bit to make your body curvy. The problem is that everyone is using it wrong and using it way too much. Soy extract is going to be way too strong for your body, oddly causing your body to ignore it's body reshaping capabilities. If you want your body to become curvier, you need to use soy the right way!)

6. L-tyrosine (I like L-tyrosine, don't get me wrong, but people seem to think it will do more than it actually will. It does help you exercise better, but make no mistake people! It's not a magic muscle grower so it won't turn your butt cheeks into those of a body builder!)

7. Vitex/Vitex berry (just like Dong Quai, this does nothing for reshaping your body)

8. Red clover (red clover is strong, much like soy, and can stall any progress your making if you take incorrect amounts)

9. A bunch of other useless herbs & additives that probably act as fillers so the butt pill sellers can make the pills for cheap and list exotic herbal ingredients that most people aren't aware are very weak and have no purpose in body reshaping.

I have years of research and testing gone into butt growing, health, fitness and body shaping. None of the formulations I've seen so far for these so called "butt growing pills" are even close to being effective formulations.

Taking butt pills to grow a bigger butt is usually a waste of money because there are very small quantities of too many herbs so everything is watered down. You just end up taking a very weak supplement stack that has very little of the good stuff in it.

Why these companies can't slap together a good combo for butt growth is beyond me. Maybe I'll have to make some butt pills of my own if you guys really want something that will work!

For now, though, you may want to take a look at the butt growth techniques I used to make my butt bigger by rearranging my fat and tricking my body into building larger muscles than most girls are capable of without any fake hormones, steroids, or any other of that nasty stuff.

The way I do it requires that you buy some supplements at their full strength (I mean, that's the only way they're going to be strong enough to actually work!) and use techniques that require you to rotate those supplements and also exercise a certain way.

Once you learn about how and why I use the techniques I do, you're going to be ahead of 99% of other people when it comes to learning how to reshape your body and grow a fat, juicy booty.

Check out the steps that took my butt from pretty flat to round and curvy.