Are You Sabotaging Your Own Bigger Butt Growth?

Here are the steps to REALLY enlarge your butt:

1. Reset your body to store fat in your booty (yes, it probably got set wrong during puberty or pregnancy)

2. Use exercises that actually GROW the gluteus maximum, which is the largest and most expandable of the butt muscles, and drop the exercises that discourage the butt muscles from getting larger (yes, many exercises will stop your butt from actually getting bigger, even though you're working them out)

This may sound simple because I've broken it down into two steps, but it gets really hard when just about all the advice about growing a bigger butt DOES NOT WORK on people who's bodies are slow to respond or don't respond at all.


Your body may be your own worst enemy...

See, your body likes to be in a constant state. It's just science, your body is resistant to change.

When most people try to change something about their body (say lose weight, grow a bigger butt, clear up acne, etc.) the body's first instinct is to resist.

Not good news at all if you really want to look a certain way but can't get your body to agree.

But, I do have some good news for you...


These steps work in harmony with each other to "wake up" the fat cells and gluteus maximus, allowing you to grow your butt as large as it can go.

Without activating your butt muscles and fat cells, anything you try to do to grow your butt is equalent to:

  • brushing your teeth with a cotton swab
  • cooking using a candle under your pan
  • studying by turning on the TV and placing your book on the coffee table in front of you
  • you get the idea :)


Are You Ready To Have The Kind Of Ass That Was Meant For Sexy Men's Magazines?

Then you absolutely must force your booty into doing what you want it to do. It's not going to grow into a round, voluptuous bubble all on it's own!

Like I mentioned above, I know how to force your butt to respond. I want to make it available only to people who are serious about changing their body and will do what it takes to get there.

If that describes you, you're in luck, because you're about to get your hands on:

  • A simple little change you can make to a common exercise to double the size of your booty
  • How to do a butt building rotation (you're going to be surprised at how much more effective this is than any other butt building tip you've ever heard)
  • A secret weapon for butt muscle growth everyone already has at home or can easily make from stuff you already have at home
  • And more...

 how to get a bigger butt 


You're sick of seeing a too-small booty in the mirror and trying on clothes that don't seem to flatter your shape, right?

You're tired of that nagging jealousy that appears every time you see another girl with a big curvy butt, correct?

You want that feeling of having the ultimate in sex appeal, am I on the right page, here?

bigger butt

If you aren't able to handle the extra attention and jealousy that could result from using these butt growing techniques, then this information is not for you... because people will HAVE to notice you when you butt looks like Beyonce's.

This is a real and genuine concern, because jealousy can be a big problem in some circumstances and you want to consider this before you go making over your body.

But, if you can handle looking sexier and if you’re sick and tired of seeing a small or saggy butt when you turn around in the mirror, you need to do yourself a favor and the go-to system for turning any ass into a "HOLY SH*T, that's a nice ass" ass!

A Little Confession...

I'm a big believer in being comfortable with yourself and who you are, but I couldn't help but feel like my butt didn't measure up. I used to wear long shirts, and spent hours twisting around in front of the mirror and trying on different outfits to make sure my clothes didn't make my butt look too flat. 

Enlarging my butt has really done a lot for my self esteem. I love the look of a round backside. I like how my butt bulges when I twist around in front of the mirror these days. I like how just about everything I try on looks good on me now that I've grown a bigger butt.

But I bet some of you think this type of stuff doesn't even matter. Everybody says that beauty is on the inside, right?

But I can't help it! I love the feeling I get when I walk past guys and turn their heads. Who doesn't want to feel like a hot biatch?!!!


bigger butt exercises

Most people have no idea what they're talking about. They spout out garbage that makes no sense and hasn't worked for 99% of the people that tried it.

The garbage advice that everyone gives (like "eat more cornbread" or "do some squats and you'll look like Jennifer Lopez") are ridiculous. There's too much room for error when you try this type of stuff.

I know all about the LARGE room for error, because I tried so hard to get the body I wanted. I've tried all this cr*p:

  • squats 
  • lunges 
  • tons of other butt exercises 
  • booty enlarging pills 
  • maca 
  • fast food 
  • butt enlarging shakes 
  • and more - it makes me so sick to think about all the time & money I wasted 

I can safely say that these things are claimed to be butt miracles when they're really not! They work for some people, but if you want serious results, you need to do some serious research and experimentation to come up with a synergistic plan that attacks your booty from all angles (in a good way, of course).

If you want to try something that really works, you should consider registering for information about accessing my proven effective butt growth system. You're going to be pleasantly surprised once you find out what kind of butt you'll soon have.