Ass Shots

ass shotsHey did you happen to hear the Ass (Dance) remix with Nicki Minaj going "'s finally soft, I don't know man, guess them ass shots wore off..."

I hope young women out there don't take that to heart and run out trying to get ass shots. The reason I hope young women don't take that line seriously is because many, many girls out there want an ass just like hers and would do anything to get it. Take this story for example. Yes, they'll do anything - including having shady "procedures" done that could end their life.

The most common way to find a connection to get these dangerous injections is through a stripper, as many strippers have their body parts enhanced.

It's been said that those who have ass shots done have really hard booties that don't really bounce or jiggle. It doesn't have that nice movement that a real ass has.

What Are Ass Shots Made Of?

Hydrogel is typically used to plump the butt. It's a mixture of both silicone and saline. It's injected into the buttocks and enlarges the size of your butt to just about any extent you would like.

Why Are Ass Shots Dangerous?

One of the biggest risks with butt injections is that they are not legal, so no licensed professional can do them. You have to go "underground" and trust someone who may or may not have medical experience with your health. Many people have died or had complications due to these injections.

The hydrogel, if even the tiniest bit gets into your bloodstream, can cause an embolism, possibly resulting in a pretty quick death. An infection could also come about if everything is not absolutely sterile or your "practitioner" uses a bad batch of hydrogel.

Another con, though not neccessarily dangerous, is that sometimes they just look ugly and lumpy. Nothing is guaranteed and if you get a botched "butt job" there's not a thing you can do about it.

Alternatives To Ass Shots?

Obviously, you could choose to love yourself no matter what you look like and understand it's your actions and attitude that really matter. In an ideal world, this would be enough for us women.

Unfortunately, society does pressure us to look good. And I know for a fact that looking good can help you feel better/happier. I went the exercise & fat redistribution route (and you can find that process detailed in Bigger Butt Secrets) but there are also butt implants if being worked on is your thing.

Getting hydrogel shots in your booty is just too dangerous. Multiple arrests have been made on those performing the procedure because of how hazardous these shots can be to your health. Avoid ass shots at all costs - your life is worth so much more than your booty.